Rapidmax Technology Corp. was established in 2006 to provide affordable yet reliable networking solutions for both home and business users. With simple beginnings, the Rapidmax brand serves to provide OEM/ODM customers with quality service and continually strives to manufacture products that intertwine design, dependability, and efficiency to the networking industry. We make every effort towards meeting our customers’ requests as well as preserve a high level of customer confidence through stringent quality control and assurance standards.

Our product management team makes it a priority to guide your company through every step of the way from product completion and technical inquiries to future applications and advancement. This allows Rapidmax to maintain a long-term relationship with our valued customer. We strive for excellence and continually aim to satisfy our customers. Rapidmax is also able to provide a short lead time from product production to the desired delivery destination. Our cost efficient manufacturing facilities enable our company to keep pricing competitive while still maintaining an excellent level of quality.

Our company mission is to make networking life more enjoyable by providing solutions that are beautifully designed, innovative, cost-efficient, and user-friendly.

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